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First impressions count…

Ensure that your company exudes trust and confidence.  The right spokesperson makes the best first impression, by engaging attendees and delivering your company message with credibility.

Jennifer Autry will help your next trade show exhibit presentation (or corporate video production) shine. On the expo floor, a successfully delivered trade show presentation will pre-qualify leads, credibly deliver the product/service benefits and features, and then compel action.  This frees up your valuable sales team to best utilize their expertise to discuss the drill down questions with the engaged prospects immediately after each presentation concludes.


I wanted to drop a note from the VM World show last week in Las Vegas. I found Jennifer to be every bit as professional, polished, and well spoken as we expected her to be. The level of enthusiasm and professionalism combined with a strong positive attitude she had really made a difference at the show. She was able to fill the theater every time with perfect delivery of our message.   SHI will be delivering the VM World show again next year and she has already made the list. She was much more polished than most of our sales force and many noticed that.  My sincere thanks and I look forward to working with her again.                                                              
Jim Sheridan  |  SHI  | Sr. Program Manager | Enterprise Solution Services



Corporate Video Production & On Camera Talent

If your company needs to produce high-end videos for training modules, product intros, service offerings, or the website,  having an articulate host who can deliver the information with warmth and believability is important.

 Studies show that likeability and warmth are major factors when it comes to making a trusted buying decision. Jennifer produces and hosts corporate videos for the Automotive, Industrial, Trucking, HR, Technology, Medical, and Casino industries. Her credible delivery & likeable style keep her highly in-demand.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Autry partners with corporations as a professional spokesperson and trade show presenter for corporate events nationwide. She began with a modeling and acting career at the age of 11 with her first national television commercial.

Having worked all over the US and Europe, her extensive experience in runway and print (both editorial and commercial) kept her in high demand. After receiving her Marketing degree from the University of Minnesota, Jennifer began traveling extensively as a corporate spokesperson for Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Currently, Jennifer can be seen on corporate training films, television commercials, and on the trade show floor as a professional spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies.


  • Results driven trade show presentations 
  • On camera Corporate spokesperson or web host

phone: 702. 285 6095